Shot by Models originated in 2007 in a highly remarkable way. Shea, son of world famous rapper Ice Cube, wanted to give all his friends & family polaroids as a nice give-away at his sweet sixteen. He was looking for high quality photography, but more important to him were the looks of the photographers. So he asked for stunning photographers that would fit right in at his party. And that’s how, at that time, a completely new concept made his debut. Two model photographers, armed with old-fashioned Polaroid cameras and sticker frames were available all evening to shoot and hand out photos to all guests. To Shea, it was the final spark to his special evening. Shot by Models was invented, as a hard demand combination of good photo marketing concepts and charming photographers.

Shortly after Shea’s sweet sixteen, Shot by Models was introduced in the Netherlands. A big succes was born quickly after launching this concept. They started working with some of the biggest brands. Although the polaroid with sticker frame created a nice give-away, Shot by Models discovered more effective ways to implement photo marketing. After experimenting with high-end digital photography and online photo galleries, the advantages of social media and building online communities were clear. Their goal was to find the best combination between a high-end guest experience and maximum marketing value for their clients. After 1200 events it was time to reinvent themselves. To achieve this goal they started a collaboration with GoPhoto as supplier of their photo marketing platform and Models at Work as an agency of model photographers. All this expertise combined creates the next generation photo marketing company, Shot by Models is ready for a new era and excited to be back in the game!